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Resume of Dai Minghua

From: International Office Time: 20/03/16


Dai Minghua, associate professor, master's tutor. Born in August 1973. In May 1998, he graduated from the major of Agricultural Economics and management of Nanjing Agricultural University, and a degree in management. In July 2006, he was recruited as an associate professor, and is currently in charge of the international economic and trade major.


The specialty of the subject:  Business Administration and agricultural extension


Main research directions: international economy, international business management, innovation management


The main research results: in recent years, presided over the Liaoning Province Social Science Fund project planning, Liaoning province Liaoning Social Science Association project longitudinal issue 3, presided over the project and enterprise cooperation 1, participate in national, provincial and municipal enterprises and projects commissioned by more than 10; published more than 10 papers in academic journals and conferences; the editor in chief of 1 teaching materials;


Contact phone: 0411-86323451