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Resume of Wang Shi

From: International Office Time: 20/03/12


Shi Wang


Associate Professor /Master Supervisor

The Institution of Fashion

Tel: (86) 18698696195

Email: wangs85@126.com



I am now a Associate Professor with Institute of Fashion of Dalian Polytechnic University. Graduated from Costume Institute of Xi' an Polytechnic University in April of 2007, majored in Artistic Design, master's degree, evaluated as Associate Professor in July of 2016.



Main academic research direction:


Research on 3-dimensional display (VR) of national dress, advanced woolen knitted garment design and process research, and clothing brand design planning and management.


First-level discipline of postgraduate enrolled: Design science


Main courses assumed currently:

Special Design and Practice of Knitted Garment, Clothing Design, Structure and Process of Knitted Garment, Fashionable Trend of Garment.


Scientific research projects assumed:

Participate in numerous national, provincial and city-level vertical and horizontal scientific research projects. Main scientific research project assumed currently: Development of Sweater Ready-made Cloth Products and Design to Fashionable Ready-made Cloth Style, and her design works have participated in exhibition on national professional exhibition repeatedly, and she has won prizes in domestic professional costume designing competition. She has won prizes repeatedly in national education multimedia competition.


Paper and works published:


Publish more than 4 papers in international periodical, such as Advances in Energy Science and Equipment Engineering etc., of which 3 papers are collected by EI; more than 10 papers in core journal and provincial key journal; and numerous works in core journal. Compile a textbook as chief compiler, and participate in compiling a textbook planned by ministries and commissions on “the 11th Five Year Plan” of higher clothing education.


Organize and guide students to participate in various domestic and foreign woolen knitting dress design competition, and win 1 gold award, 2 silver awards, and numerous excellence awards, and win Excellent Guide Teacher Award in competition.