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Resume of Qian Siriguleng

From: International Office Time: 20/03/12

    Siriguleng QIAN, male, born in August 1969, Professor, Ph.D, master supervisor, visiting scholar of Tohoku University Japan. Preside or participate in nearly 15 research projects. Published nearly 10 SCI or EI papers, and published nearly 25 papers on Chinese Core Journals, and applied for a paten. Participate in product development and design.

    Main research directions:

1) research and development of active polymer natural active substance and its industrialization production;

2) the formation mechanism of nanoscale magnetic functional microspheres and their application in targeting drug delivery;

3) the research on the mechanical rationality of immobilized cells and enzymes and their application in the fermentation industry.

4) applied research and development of microbes;

5) biotransformation of natural active substances.