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2020 Graduation Online Final Defense Completed Successfully

From: International Office Time: 20/06/28

      On June 16, 2020 graduate online final defense completed successfully. 12 undergraduate international students of International Trades attended final defense and successfully passed the final with excellent performance. The online final defense consisted of 15 minutes statement, 5 minutes questions and answers, and anonymous grading.
In order to ensure teaching and learning during the coronavirus pandemic prevention and control period, the School of International Education not only provided students with innovative cloud training courses and training platforms, but also actively communicated with the School of Management to develop online paper guidance and supervision by setting up Wechat work group, sending ˇ°A Letter to All International Studentsˇ±, and motivating and assisting communication between teachers and students.
ˇˇˇˇDuring more than 4 hours, the online final defense of the graduation thesis of 12 undergraduate international students was successfully completed. International students said: in a very special period, this special defense is precious to them and they have benefited a lot. Thanks to all the teachers and students who have helped them along the way. This unforgettable experience makes them more confident in themselves and in China and believe that all difficulties can be overcome.