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Innovative “Online+Offline”teaching in new semester

From: School of International Education Time: 21/04/02

At the beginning of the new semester, the overall situation of pandemic prevention and control in China is improving, and our domestic students are returning to school. However, the pandemic situation in other parts of the world is still severe, and some of our international students are still unable to return to the campus. Facing the challenge, the School of International Education seeks new ideas and new changes, comprehensively upgrades the existing teaching software and hardware, constantly innovates the teaching mode on the premise of adapting to the new situation of epidemic prevention, continuously optimizes the "Online + Offline" hybrid teaching system, and comprehensively starts the international education  in the new semester.
  This semester, there are more than 400 international students in our school. The international students are scattered in 51 countries all over the world. The time difference is 12 hours at most. In the face of challenges of big time difference, uneven network and obvious differences in learning conditions, how to effectively carry out teaching for students inside and outside the school and ensure the quality of teaching have always been the focus of the work of the School of International education. This year, on the basis of summing up and refining the online teaching experience in 2020, we have further improved and expanded the functions of enrollment, teaching and management platform for international students in China, strengthened the reform of international education and teaching in China, made full use of the existing multimedia and voice teaching equipment, and introduced "Tangfeng Chinese International Education Cloud Platform" and "ClassIn Online Platform" and “media production and broadcasting system” and other teaching platforms and equipment, innovatively established a" Online + Offline "," domestic + overseas "," theory + practice "hybrid teaching system, created a" two-line connection "teaching mode for domestic and foreign students, and solved the thorny problems of traditional online teaching, such as academic supervision, classroom interaction and assessment management. At the same time, relying on the existing teaching staff, we are committed to improving the online teaching resources of the education management platform for international students in China, and providing abundant Chinese courses, professional courses and general education courses.  


" Online + Offline "," domestic + overseas "," theory + practice "hybrid teaching system

                                                                                          Written by Tao Ruixue,Translated by Guo Jia, Reviewed by Wang Sheng