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Resume of Qi Xiaodong

From: International Office Time: 20/03/26


Xiaodong Qi








Dalian University of Technology, Dalian

2008.3-2011.11, materials processing and engineering, graduating with a Doctor’s degree

Northeastern University, Shenyang

2005.9-2008.2, materials processing and engineering, graduated with a Master’s degree

Job Experience

Ø  2011.12-2013.3 worked at Intel semiconductor (Dalian) limited company as a process engineer; the major duties are as follows:

1.         Control the process flow and troubleshoot water, gas and electrical issues occurred on the tool, component replacement according to the spec;

2.         Tweak gas flow rate sometimes to improve line yield and lower the cost of our module;

3.         SPC maintenance of the process tools.

Ø  2009.1-2011.3 In charge of maintenance and management of 1kW laser welding tool, and its welding assignment; meanwhile, designed the laser welding head, which improved the welding efficiency significantly.


Scholarship and award

Ø  Dec. 2009, awarded one of the two “Outstanding Graduate students” in Dalian University of Technology

Ø  Oct. 2010, awarded the prize of “Zhangjiagang Shenghui” scholarship (the only doctor awarded the prize)


Academic Achievements

1.  Xiao-dong Qi, Li-ming Liu, Fusion welding of Fe-added lap joints between AZ31B magnesium alloy and 6061 aluminum alloy by hybrid laser–tungsten inert gas welding technique”, , Materials and Design, 2012, 33, 436–443. (IF: 1.5)

2.  Xiaodong Qi, Liming Liu. Investigation on welding mechanism and interlayer selection of magnesium/steel lap joint. Welding Journal,2011, 1,1-s,7-s. (IF: 0.43)

3.  Xiaodong Qi, Gang Song. Interfacial structure of the joints between magnesium alloy and mild steel with nickel as interlayer by hybrid laser-TIG welding. Materials & Design, 2010, 31(1): 605-609. Impact factor (IF: 1.5)

4.  Xiaodong Qi, Liming Liu. Comparative study on characteristics of hybrid laser-TIG welded AZ61/Q235 lap joints with and without interlayers. Journal of Materials Science, 2010, 45(14): 3912–3920. (IF: 1.5)

5.  Liming Liu, Xiaodong Qi. Effects of copper addition on microstructure and strength of the hybrid laser-TIG welded joints between magnesium alloy and mild steel. Journal of Materials Science, 2009, 44(21): 5725–5731. (IF: 1.5)

6.  Liming Liu, Xiaodong Qi, Wu Zhonghui. Microstructural characteristics of lap joint between magnesium alloy and mild steel with and without the addition of Sn element. Materials Letters, 2010, 64(1): 89-92. (IF: 1.9)

7.  Liming Liu, Xiaodong Qi. Strengthening effect of nickel and copper interlayers on hybrid laser-TIG welded joints between magnesium alloy and mild steel. Materials & Design, 2010, 31(8): 3960-3693. (IF: 1.5)

The above papers are related to the effect of addition of alloy elements on joint many mechanical properties, such as strength, hardness and etc..