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Resume of Wang Jihui

From: International Office Time: 20/03/09



Second-grade professor, Doctoral supervisor

กค         Birth: Dec. 1969

Building: Biology Building

Room: 224

Phone: 0411-86324050

Email: wangjh@dlpu.edu.cn


l  Leader of double -top discipline in Liaoning province, direction of Biotechnology and Glyco-engineering

l  Leader of innovation team of Biotechnology, Food Safety and Quality Control in Liaoning province

l  Director of key lab of Food Biotechnology in Liaoning province

Honors and Awards

Ø  Special government allowance of the State Council

Ø  First distinguished professor in Liaoning province

Ø  Outstanding expert in Liaoning province

Ø  Excellent Science and Technology worker in Liaoning province

Ø  Labour Model in Dalian

Ø  First leading talented person in Dalian


l  Visiting scholar in Boston University, USA

l  Senior visiting scholar in University of Oxford, England

l  Post-doc, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea

l  Ph.D.-2003.08, Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea


l  Development and bioactivity evaluation of natural products and probiotics

l  Molecular nutrition and metabolism

Open Positions

Graduate student positions will be given to students with majors in Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Biology(Master student only), Bioengineering(Master student only).


Biotechnology, Cell Engineering


3 doctorate candidates, 15 master students and 45 postgraduates

Grants, Funds and Publications

l  Took charge of over 20 Enterprise-funded latitudinal or Government sponsored longitudinal research projects in national level, provincial level or city level

l  More than 50 scientific publications including over 20 scientific papers in SCI journals