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Resume of Mu Guangqing

From: International Office Time: 20/03/09


   Dr. Guangqing Mu, the academic director of Dalian Polytechnic University in China, and a Professor and Doctor's supervisor in the department of Food Science and Engineering, College of Food Science in Dalian Polytechnic University in China.

Office Telephone: +86-0411-86324506

Email: gq6552002@aliyun.com

Dr. Guangqing Mu got his Bachelor degree in Food Science and engineering, Yangzhou University in China in 1989. He obtained his Doctor degree of Engineering in Food Science in Northeast Agricultural University in China in 2009. He worked as a Postdoctor in Department of Food Science, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, China in 2009-2013. As a visiting scholars worked in Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Tokyo, Japan in 2009.11~2010.01.

Dr. Guangqing Mu has been committed to basic theory and application research on dairy science and technology, food biotechnology, utilization of food protein resource, the technology and equipment applied for the deep processing of dairy products, screening, identification, functional characteristics and application of probiotics. He presided over many significant scientific projects including the twelfth five-year national science and technology support project, universities science and technology platform program of Liaoning province, opening project from National Engineering Research Center of Seafood, National 863 project, Chinese National Natural Science Foundation Projects, and so on. He published more than 50 papers in the SCI and EI journals such as ¡°Journal of Dairy Science¡± and ¡°Carbohyadrate polymers¡±, Chinese core journals including ¡°Journal of Chinese biological engineering¡±, ¡°China dairy industry¡±, ¡°Food and Machinery¡±, ¡°Journal of dalian polytechnic university¡± as well as domestic and international academic conference. He also is the associate editor-in-chief of the book ¡°The Handbook of Modern Dairy Industry¡± (the second edition, 2012), which is the important book published in Chinese national eleventh five-year project period.