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Resume of Qian Xiaonong

From: International Office Time: 20/03/12

Introduction of professor Qian Xiaonong

Basic information

Name: Qian Xiaonong   Sex: Female

On-the-job information: On job

Professional title: Professor, Master¡¯s tutor

Officeholding: The director of the digital clothing design and engineering key laboratory of Liaoning provincial science and technology department, the deputy director of social science and technology commission of school academic committee, the leader of discipline

Won honor: The fashion character of Liaoning province promoting the clothing industry development, top ten designers in Liaoning province, teaching master in Liaoning province, ¡°Hundred¡± excellent technologists, the heroine pacesetter of construction, the top ten women in Dalian city, the meritorious advanced individual in Dalian city, the model worker in Dalian city, the excellent expert in Dalian city, etc.

Discipline: Design science, art design, fashion design & engineering

Work unit: School of Fashion, Dalian Polytechnic University

Office: Number 306, School of Fashion, Dalian Polytechnic University

Correspondence address: No.1, Qinggongyuan, Ganjingzi District, Dalian city, Liaoning province

Postcode: 116034

Contact way: The digital clothing design and engineering key laboratory of Dalian polytechnic university

Tel: 0411-86324896

Email: qianxiaonong@163.com

Wechat: QQQTTx

Individual Resume

Qian xiaonong, a professor of secondary level at Dalian polytechnic university, visiting scholar of the Japan sea international exchange center in Kanze, Japan. In 1985, she began to devote herself to teaching and research. Now, she is a master's tutor in design science and fashion design & engineering, discipline leader and the deputy director of social science and technology commission of school academic committee. Moreover, she is the director of digital clothing design and engineering key laboratory of Liaoning provincial science and technology department. Liaoning provincial teaching team leader in 2007, the provincial professional leader in 2007, the famous teachers of Liaoning province in 2008, the ministry of education teaching team leader in 2009, who won the costume design famous teacher of Liaoning province in 2009. The director committee member federation of Asian fashion, executive director of the association of Chinese fashion designers and specialist academic committee member, council member of China fashion color association and the executive director of the expert committee, the committee of the central committee of cultural creative industry research group members, costume designer association, vice President, Dalian municipal government of Liaoning province industrial development strategy of "the future clothing city" expert advisers, such as industrial enterprises in Liaoning province science and technology correspondent positions.

Main academic research direction: Fashion design and theoretical research, digital clothing design and application research, smart wearable design research

1. In the clothing design and the direction of theory study, mainly engaged in the design field design of garment design, since for many enterprises in 1989, at the beginning of design research and development of service design clothing and apparel products, get the industrialization application, nearly 30 years for the enterprise original more than 7 hundred kinds of fashion products and accessories, and achieved remarkable results. And create significant productivity market benefits. In the fifth Dalian international garments festival held at the same time the Qian Xiaonong personal fashion designs special fashion show, the 11th Dalian international garments festival was held at the Hilton Hotel "hemp qualitative Qian Xiaonong individual special fashion design fashion show.

At the beginning of the 21st century, with the polish designer bear by the United Nations food and agriculture organization of the hemp crops such as the European cooperation research network organization and Shenyang cooperation project research and development of the people's government of the hemp and bast fabric clothing, the results held in Shenyang phoenix hotel in July 2000 the hemp and bast fabric clothing design development and special research fashion show "conference. The results of the study were to abolish the ban on individual species of hemp plants in the 20th century. It provides the basis.

Powered by wisdom of future prospective design, promote the clothing information in dyeing and finishing effect of the microstructure of art and design in the field of application is extended, the garment design and the theory of research into a new level.

2. In the study of digital clothing design and application, based on the acquisition and agglomeration of three-dimensional anthropometric data, it became the scientific basis for the configuration of control clothing and clothing, and achieved periodic results:

1) Creating digital clothing design and engineering key laboratory and data acquisition platform.

2) Research and development based on the touch and non-touch human body complex configuration used in the application of intelligent key technology and environmental regeneration materials.

3) Research on the design of the touch and non-contact properties of the fully formed garment and the product application.

3. Smart apparel design research: with the concept of "design consciousness restoring" as the basis, the design elements of macroscopic and microscopic chaos state, to carry out the design art leads the clothes wear contacts with the contacts of the barrier-free configurations. Achievements:

1) To design elements for the faults generated in the information age, expand the construction of multi-axis of clothing information variables, and study the application design of color change, temperature change and changing tone of intelligent clothing.

2) Research on the design of smart shoes.

4. Responsible for scientific research projects:

presided over the national, provincial and municipal longitudinal and horizontal research projects. Representative research projects:

1) host key project of national ministry of science and technology basic condition platform "ergonomics nation basic data and apparel shape standard research", "minors human body size data acquisition in Dalian branch"; Results: human data collection

2) presided over Liaoning province, science and technology special project "ecological tussah silk warm clothing cooperation development ", after the completion of the project of new output value 15 million Yuan, the new tax is 3 million Yuan Seven project obtained patents tieling city obtained the progress prize in science and technology in 2013;

3) Leading the Liaoning province project "key technology based on embedded intelligent application and environmental regeneration material using the touch type with the touch of the human body the product research and development of composite configuration" results: smart power dressing clothing "contact" and "non contact" efficacy of 4 class shirt published three papers, etc.

4) Presided over the research project: the key project of the basic conditions platform of the ministry of science and technology of China, "investigation on the basic parameters of Chinese adult ergonomics"

Undertaking sub-project: "data collection of adult human body size"

In order to promote regional economic development and carry out project research with industrial characteristics, the project has:

5) To take charge of the research on the guiding path transformation model of Dalian fashion capital under the context of the integration of Dalian social science federation, and the results are presented in the report;

6) Presiding over the study of coupling linkage between universities and Dalian city culture;

7) Presided over the research on the protection of intangible cultural heritage and the inheritance of modern clothing design, and participated in more than 10 other related projects.

5. Publication, writing and invention patent status:

Published more than 30 articles on EI and Chinese core journals such as decoration, textile guide and various domestic and international conference papers;

Publishing monograph of ¡°clothing division design, tailoring and sewing diagrams,¡± etc., and compiling and compiling professional books and textbooks; four invention patents.

6. Design representative works:

1) The fifth Dalian international clothing festival held a total of 140 sets of fashion shows for "Qian Xiaonong's individual fashion design works".

2) The hemp and bast fabric clothing design development and research special fashion show is cosponsored by the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO) hemp crops European cooperation research network organization and Shenyang municipal people's government hosted a cooperative program in Shenyang phoenix hotel; the 2000-07.

3) The 11th Dalian international clothing festival, "Qian xiaonong's personal hemp fashion design works, fashion show" was held at the Hilton Hotel; the 2001-09.

4) Leading the student team to attend the 2016 Beijing fashion week; "Intelligent roller shoes", "science and technology assisted clothing" and other works; the 2016-09.

5) The photography works "separation of water pollution", "broken snow", "debris from the dead waterfall",  "flying cui zhijin", selected to participate in the Japanese colleges and universities in Japan; the 2017-09.

7. Guidance for postgraduate students:

The number of Graduated student is more than 40 and the number of master candidate is 10.