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Arrangements of 2022 Spring Semester for DPU International Students

From: School of International Education Time: 22/02/27

Dear International Students,

School of International Education, DPU is going to provide online courses in 2022 Spring semester for international student as before. If the national and local epidemic prevention and control policies change, you shall be updated with the latest notice.

The specific arrangements are as follows:

 For Current Students

1. About Academic Affairs

DPU shall offer online courses for degree students from February 28th, 2022, and for non-degree students from March 7th. The timetable is available in both your class we-chat groups and DPUSIE website.

Scores for make-up and restudying can be checked through the website http://lxsglxt.dlpu.edu.cn/ after March 14th.

For potential graduates in July 2022, only those who can submit HSK-4 certificate with a pass score before May 302022 can apply for bachelor degree.

2. About Registration & Visa 

Please make full payment of your school fees before March 1st. If you cannot register due to illness or other special circumstances, please ask for leave in time.

 Students on campus shall contact Ms. Zhang or Mr. Wang for visa extension a month before your visa expires, if you have finished your registration. 


 For New Students

1. About Registration  

Registration will be arranged between March 1st and March 4th. Online classes will start from March 7th.

2. About Basic Apps or Software for Online Learning

> SearchƷin the app store or click the link https://www.tangce.net/mobile.html

> Search ClassIn in your app store and download it.

> Search ٶ in your app store and download it.    

Hope everyone can cherish the learning opportunities while protecting themselves. We will be always waiting for you here in romantic Dalian.      


Bank Account Information:

> Name of the Account: Dalian Polytechnic University

> Name of the Bank: Dalian Airport Branch, China Construction Bank

>Address of the Branch: No.63 Honggang Road, Ganjingzi District,Dalian,P.R.China

> Account Number:

21201 50180 00500 03264   (for CNY)

21250 12800 90000 00153    (for USD)



School of International Education, DPU

February 21, 2022