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Frequent Asked Questions

From: International Office Time: 21/05/21

Frequent Asked Questions


Q1:How to Create a Bank Account

A: Please come to one of the following branches of China Construction Bank with your passport

Airport Branch: No.63 Honggang Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian


Ganjingzi Branch: No.76 Yilin Street, Ganjingzi District, Dalian



Q2: Please Share the DPU Bank Account Information.

ABank: 中国建设银行

Branch: 大连机场支行

Address: 大连市甘井子区虹港路63号

Account Number: 21201 50180 00500 03264


Q3How to Take the Physical Examination

APlease go to No.60 Changjiang East Road with your passport and two passport-size photos. The expense is 500RMB. Please empty your stomach after 9PM one day before examination.

Please fill in the following address to post your examination report back to our office:

大连市甘井子轻工苑1号大连工业大学国际交流合作中心     张老师收86323520


Q4: How to Extend Visa?

A: Please come to Office 603 with your passport and one passport-size photo. The expense is 425RMB (half year extension) or 825RMB (one year extension). Transportation expenses are not covered.





QWhat files are required for admission

1 Application form of DPU

2 Passport page and blank visa page (Students from Swaziland are required to offer the front page with passport number)

3 Two passport-size photos, named by passport.(white background, size less than 320-240, JPG file)

4 Highest degree and Trans cript, enclosed with both English and Chinese translations

5Medical Report


For English- taught degree applicants, please also offer the following documents

English Proficiency Certificate



For Chinese- taught degree applicants, please also offer the following documents

HSK trans cript ( Undergraduate: HSK 4 above 180 Postgraduate: HSK5 above 180


For postgraduate and Phd candidates, please offer two reference letters.




Q:Would you please introduce the transportation of Dalian?


A:Students have access to Dalians comprehensive and convenient transport facilities and services, including Dalian International Airport, Dalian North Railway station, buses, Bus Rapid Transit, subway system and tram.


Q:Would you please introduce the entertainment of Dalian?

A:As one of the most famous tourist cities in China, Dalian offers a number of opportunism of recreation and sightseeing. Students can find stunning beauty in National Five-A level Tourist spots and popular top rated-parts such as Golden Pebble Beach, Tiger Beach, Forest Zoo, Xinghai Park, Labor Park, Donghai Park and Yanwoling Geology Park.


Q:Would you please introduce the food of Dalian?

A:Dalian is an international city. Students can enjoy exotic food from different parts of the world as well as various types of Chinese food such as Shandong Cuisine and Sichuan Hot and Spicy Cuisine. Plus, Dalian is famous for its tasty seafood which is worth trying.


Q:Would you please introduce the restaurants of DPU

A:There are four students canteens and other restaurants on campus. You can enjoy the various Chinese and international cuisine in DPU.