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Resume of Liu Xiaoyang

From: International Office Time: 20/03/12

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Xiaoyang LIU, male, associate professor, Master supervisory, is the director of Xiaoyang Liu studio of image design at Costume Institute of Dalian Polytechnic University, and is the dean of Hong Kong Monita Dalian Beauty & Hair College.

Born in September 1970, Liu specialised in make-up and image design at Hong Kong Monita Beauty & Hair Academy from 1991 to 1992, and then went overseas in 1996 for further studies at CIDESCO, an authoritative international beauty care organization, where he successfully acquired his PhD degree. He also got a Master degree from the Fine Arts School at Liaoning Normal University in 2009. He is an expert for Professional Skill Assessment for Image Designers; an expert for Technician Education and Job Training in Liaoning Province; and is the first-class professional teacher for National Beauty Professionalism and second-class professional teacher for National Image design professionalism; a referee at National Professional Hairdresser Contest and an experienced and renown honour president at the International CICA Association of Esthetics. He is also the vice-president at Professional Training Association Dalian, the vice-director for the make-up major at Professional Skill Assessment Expert Committee Dalian and an outstanding judge at Professional Skill Assessment Dalian.


Field of expertise: holistic people image design

Courses: hair design, make-up design, in-studio image design and techniques


Liu won ¡°National Image Design Education Contribution Award¡± and ¡°Professional Supervision Award¡±. He also got the unique championship for the professional group at the most authoritative international make-up contest ¡°CIDESCO World Make-up Contest¡±. He has been supervising students to participate in various make-up contests for 7 times and win various awards since 2009. Hi students won championship, second place and third place at CIDESCO International Body Painting Contest in 2013.

He contributed to studio education mode and pedagogic innovation, and organised image design exhibition every year. He invited prestigious experts to teach in the academy, such as Qidi Huo, Jiahua Xu, Mingming Cheng and Peiji Liu. He designed a series of international exchange programmes at international organisations such as studying at Studio Mode Paris France, Vantan Japan as well as Blossom Japan. He invited experts specialising in Beijing Opera, ballet and etiquette to help analyse course design, and participated in Dalian Fashion Show, Fashion Festival, and a variety of activities every year.


Representative achievements: ¡°Exploration and Practice for Innovation-Industry-based Fashion Design and Designer Training Mode¡±, second place for National Award, ranks 9th; ¡°Exploration and Practice for Innovation-Industry-based Multi-modal Fashion Design and Diversified Designer Training Mode¡±, first place for Liaoning Teaching Award, ranks 9th.


Liu published 20 papers nationwide, 6 papers worldwide and 5 papers at CSSCI journals.


Representative search projects: ¡°Holistic projection software for image design¡±, funded 1 million yuan; ¡°Master Studio¡±, funded 100 thousand yuan by Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Dalian.


Telephone: 86323803

E-mail: dlmonita@126.com