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Arrangements of 2020 Autumn Semesterfor DPU International Students in Bachelor Programs (English-Medium)

From: International Office Time: 20/09/01

Arrangements of 2020 Autumn Semester

for DPU International Students in Bachelor Programs (English-Medium)

Dear International Students,

Due to breakout of COVID-19, most of international students staying out of China cannot come back to campus temporarily. School of International Education, DPU is going to start online courses in 2020 Autumn semester for international students in English-medium bachelor programs. If the national and local epidemic prevention and control policies change, the teaching arrangement shall be adjusted accordingly.

The specific arrangements are as follows:

l  For Current Students

1.     About Courses & Make-up

DPU shall offer online courses from September 7th, and the timetable is available in both your class we-chat group and International Students Management System. For students staying on campus, some of offline teaching will be arranged when situation is good enough. The courses which have not been offered in the spring and autumn semester of 2020 including practices and experiments shall be arranged after the international students return to school. Regardless of whether it is offline study or online study, please obey class rules and attend class on time.

Make-up and restudying can be applied through the website http://lxsglxt.dlpu.edu.cn/. Please log in with your email, check your trans cripts online and finish the application of make-up and restudying before September 1st. Detailed schedule will be released later.

For potential graduates in year of 2021, only those who can submit HSK-4 certificate with a pass score before June 30, 2021 can apply for bachelor degree.

2.     About Registration & Payment

For students in mainland China, please finish the payment of your fees including tuition, accommodation, books and insurance before September 14. For students out of China, please transfer your tuition fees into school account before September 14, and other fees will be charged upon your arrival. Failure to clear full payment for the 2020-2021 Academic year may result in failure of registration and visa cannot be extended either.

Bank Account Information:

> Name of the Account: Dalian Polytechnic University

> Name of the Bank: Dalian Airport Branch, China Construction Bank
> Address of the Branch: No.63 Honggang Road, Ganjingzi District,Dalian,P.R.China

> Account Number: 21201 50180 00500 03264   £¨for CNY£©

21250 12800 90000 00153    (for USD)



If you cannot register due to illness or other special circumstances, please ask for leave in time according to the students management regulations. If you fail to ask for leave within the first two weeks of the new semester, you will be deemed to leave the university without permission and drop out of the university.

If you cannot continue your study in the new semester, please complete application for suspension or dropping out between September 1st and 11th by contacting us. You are required to fill in forms and provide supporting documents, which can be handled in person or by others. You also have to go through the procedures of check-out and leaving the university if you apply for suspension.

3.     About Visa

After clearing the payment, current students who are inside China shall contact Ms. Zhang for visa extension a month before your visa expires. Passport, picture with white background and visa fee should be submitted together. Those who are outside China cannot enter the country due to travel restrictions and entry requirements, please wait for returning arrangement and the further notice.


l  For New Students

1.     About Registration

Online registration will be held at 15:00 on October 9th (Beijing Time) through ¡°Tencent Meeting¡± (or named as ¡°VooV Meeting) APP. All new students admitted in both March and September of 2020 should join in the orientation on time. Then, DPU shall offer online courses from October 12th.

For new students who are in mainland China, registration on-site will be arranged in October, and details will be released later. Please submit your supplementary documents as soon as possible, and wait patiently for further notice.

2.         About Basic Apps or Softwares for Online Learning

Firstly, all new students shall actively cooperate with the class adviser in setting up the WeChat group, joining the WeChat group of the corresponding courses at the first time, and paying close attention to the relevant teaching information published in the WeChat group.

Secondly, all new students shall be familiar with the teaching platform resources and basic tools of distance learning in advance, and participate in online study according to the requirements of teachers. Students International students shall actively complete the homework assigned online and upload the homework according to the requirements of teachers.

> Search ¡°WeChat¡± in your app store and download it. Register with your mobile number and follow the account of ¡°DPUSIE¡±. Class QR code will be released at the end of September.

> Search ¡°Tencent Meeting¡± or ¡°VooV Meeting¡± in your app store and download it.

> Download ¡°Tencent Classroom¡±from the following website:

app for win ======https://ke.qq.com/download/pcapp.html

app for mac =========https://ke.qq.com/download/macapp.html

app for mobile ======https://ke.qq.com/download/app.html

> Search¡°ÌƷ纺Óin the app store or click the link https://www.tangce.net/mobile.html



Hope everyone can cherish the learning opportunities while protecting themselves. We will be always waiting for you here in romantic Dalian.      

School of International Education, DPU

August 26, 2020