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Resume of Yue Qin

From: International Office Time: 20/03/16

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Profile of Course Tutor-YueQin


YueQin, female, professor, master 's tutor. Borned in May 1971. Ph.d. in accounting Dalian science and technology bureau project review expert, Liaoning province excellent young teachers ,China certified public accountant.

     1. The main academic research direction: capital market experience ( empirical ) research, internal control and risk management, financial reporting and accounting supervision, circular economy.

    2. The master 's degree is enrolled: business administration

    3. The main courses are as follows: financial accounting, financial management, ERP sand table simulation training, advanced financial management and other courses.

4. Master 's degree in guidance: 12 graduated and 7 enrolled.

    5. Undertake scientific research projects: presided over more than 30 national, provincial and municipal vertical and horizontal scientific research projects.

     6. Published more than 30 papers in the periodicals and international conferences as the first author, including 4 CSSCI journals papers, 8 Chinese core journals papers,  5 EI compendex papers and one ISSHP compendex paper.

      7.Published works: chief editor of 6 works, including 2 writings.The writings of " Cooperative Education Collaborative Management and senior engineering personnel training " won the first prize of higher education academic achievements in the" twelfth five - year plan" of the Liaoning province .


 Contact number: 13332200200

E - mail: yueqin 2002 @ 163.com