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Resume of Zhu jingbo

From: International Office Time: 20/03/12



   Zhu jingbo, professor of Dalian University of Technology,expert of State-Council special allowance, doctoral supervisor, director of the joint laboratory ¡° TCM active constituents (compositions) preparation and quality control¡±,  director of Institute of Plant Resources Chemistry and Application , director and chief scientist of National Key Laboratory of new technology for pharmaceutical processing of TCM ¡°TCM chemical bases and Separation Engineering ¡±. Mainly engaged in chromatographic separation analysis and natural product chemistry and utilization research, established methods system and developed equipments for systematic, large-scaled and rapid preparation of chemical constituents from TCM. Undertaken more than 10 national science and technology projects, including the National Science Foundation and 973 program. Received two of the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, one of the first prizes of provincial and ministerial award, and three of the second prizes, applied 8 patents, and published more than 80 papers.